Film Blowing Machine

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Film Blowing Machine

Product Description

USE: The SJ 3-Layer Co-Extruding Horizontal Rotary Haul-off Film blowing Machine prochuced byus. Which is mainly compcod of three screw seems, cylinders and cne che head

The tractce adopts hcoizcntal swing rctation replaces che rotation and simplifies clie strucatre. It solves PS oblems of leakage. Poor sealing and main aen ance, etc, arising from che rotation. It over comes uneven size pf film rdl an uneven tihtoess of sides, and en sures good film smoothness. EPS rectifying system. Autcm atically rectifles a deviation, and make sure rolls Ie ularly Air cushioned steel guide roller and new honzontal pulling film flal roller roate and guide film is regular and flal Hingh accuiacy film clies and ari ring coohing sysem en sules good film, even chickness and high cutput efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters:
Technical Slandard Q/ZDSJ103-2001
Diameter of Screw Stem φ 75mm× 3
Majcr Diameter Ratio of Screw Stem 28: 1
Rational speed of Scrw Stem 5-100rpm
Specification of Die Head φ 300mm
Thickness of Proclucts 0.05-0.20mm
Folding Width of products 800-1400mm
Main Power 30kw× 3
Heating power 55-68kw
Output 200kg/h
Rotation from  horizortal and oscillating rotation, it can rctate to the left and night within 360 degrees
Rotation speed 10-20min/r, speed can adjust
Haul-off(up)  15Kw AC frequency conversion
Haul-off(down) momerit motor
Haul-off, rolling speed 5-60m/min
EPS rectiflcation system  
Haul-off Height 9000mm
Max fold Diameter 1300mm
Automatic control temperature   
Transducer motor   
Overall Dimensions  9000× 5500× 9000mm

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